Welcome to Peak Eclipse

Not just a name but a commitment to REACH THE TOP. We serve the health conscious everyday items of premium quality and an affordable price point.

“Who do PEAK ECLIPSE sell to?”

People who care about their health…

People who love the outdoors…

People who love the indoors…

Males and females…basically everybody (we hope)!

We are here to serve all those people who want the best quality products at an affordable price.

“That sounds great but why should I buy from Peak Eclipse?” – we hear you ask…

We all want better health don’t we? Of course we do. Peak Eclipse bring you products that will have a positive impact on your health.

We all want products that are better than what we own? Absolutely!

“Why did you choose the name PEAK ECLIPSE and why the slogan REACH THE TOP?”

We could have chosen something more edgy and cool but we wanted our philosophy to be reflected as soon as you saw the name.

We could bore you with an essay on the deep meanings but it essentially shows our aim to be always be at the PEAK and ECLIPSE the competition…whether it is product quality, value, customer service and help our customers achieve the same in their health or personal goals.

Reaching the Peak and Eclipsing the competition is an ongoing endeavour it never ends we are always striving towards the end goal…the goal to REACH THE TOP.

Our Products On Amazon


2 stainless steel mugs by Peak Eclipse.



2 stainless steelmugs by Peak Eclipse



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